Our Story




All about us...

Medina was born and raised in Aberystwyth where both her parents worked in the catering industry. They told her never to go into the trade but she couldn't help it - it was in her blood! She fell in love with the buzz, the people, good food and good wine, nothing else compared!

She first started managing restaurants in Manchester at 22 and was proud to open the Orangery and Le Vignoble in Aberystwyth in 2005. She worked for Ultracomida for nearly four years before trying her hand at the legal profession. She lasted four years before realising that it wasn't for her...

She finally decided to take the plunge and open her own place - and where better than in her home town of Aberystwyth! Having worked with Cheuk (amazing chef and very nice guy) some years ago, she knew he'd be the perfect addition to the plan. Luckily he was interested in moving back to Aberystwyth from Bristol at the right time and everything fell in to place!

The creation of Medina was inspired by people like the wonderful Ottolenghi, and by the foods Medina herself loves to cook and eat at home. She wanted to bring something different to Aberystwyth - somewhere where super fresh and simple food is put together imaginatively and displayed beautifully! Medina has a very informal cafe vibe, delicious fresh food served all day, great coffee, beautiful Chinese loose teas - and it's fully licensed of course...  

As well as fantastic savoury dishes, Cheuk and the team whip up lots of home made cakes and desserts - and plenty of home baked bread too - the focaccia is delicious!

What makes Medina extra special is that absolutely everything is available to take away - from beautiful meringues and cakes to filling salads and mezze, a wonderful home cooked alternative to the usual take away dinners!

We hope you love Medina as much as we do, and look forward to seeing you soon!